Vacation Check Request

The Grapevine Police Department provides a free security check for residents who are living in single family homes while they are away on vacation.

We will conduct a foot patrol check of the residence to make sure all accessible windows and doors on visible from the street are locked and undamaged. We will also make sure any vehicles parked outside the residence are locked and undamaged. A detailed log listing the activity conducted on your property while you were away will be completed. In the event of a burglary police will notify you and/or the emergency contact you have listed.
The Police Department cannot guarantee that we will be able to check your residence at specific times or dates, but we will make every effort to make as many checks on your residence as time and workload allow. Vacation house checks are provided while you are away and will run a maximum of 14 days. ALL HOUSE CHECKS MUST BE RENEWED AFTER 14 DAYS.

To begin the vacation check program, please complete application.
NOTE: If you return early from vacation, please inform the Police Department at 817.410.8127.