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Wallace (formerly Bruno) was adopted on June 7, 2016 from Grapevine Animal Services.

While there is nothing wrong with buying a puppy or dog from a reputable breeder, there's nothing in that experience that really compares to the feeling of joy you get when you know you've given a deserving dog that has been abandoned or surrendered a permanent loving home.

We know Wallace isn't a human and as a dog he lives in the moment, but it just seems he is appreciative of the fact that he is now in a home with a family "pack" of his very own.

Wallace was and still is one of the friendliest dogs (both to people and other dogs) you could ever hope to meet. He learned basic and advanced obedience skills in record time and now accompanies his owner frequently and leads by example as they train other dogs for clients throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth region, many of those are adopted shelter dogs as well.

Wallace isn't just resting on his laurels after finding his "furever home" and family, he's paying it forward helping to ensure other adopted shelter dogs become model pets and never end up needing to find new homes again.

We are so thankful that the wonderful staff at Grapevine Animal Services were there to provide Wallace a safe place and loving care prior to us meeting him. The staff members took the time to tell us everything they knew about Wallace and gave us plenty of time to evaluate his temperament and make our decision.

We had and equally wonderful experience with them just a few weeks ago when we brought a client to the shelter to evaluate Hank, who was subsequently adopted by them and has quickly become a permanent family member well on his way to being capable of passing the Canine Good Citizen Certification test with flying colors.

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