Automatic Bank Draft Payments

For no charge or extra fee, we offer two convenient methods to automatically pay your water bill online each month: 

  1. Deduct your payment from your checking account using a bank draft** (see either the Manual Setup or Online Setup instructions below).
  2. Charge your payment to your debit/credit card (see Recurring Debit/Credit Card Payments setup instructions here)

**Because of the bank account verification process, please allow one month for the bank draft to take effect.

Automatic Bank Drafts - Manual Setup

  1. Fill out the City of Grapevine Authorization Agreement for Automatic Draft form
  2. Attach a voided check
  3. Return the form and voided check in person or by mail to the Utility Billing Office
Automatic Bank Drafts - Online Setup
  1. Log into your City online payment system account using your 13 digit account number and your 8 digit password/pin which are both located on your water bill ( your default password/pin is your provided 8 digit Customer ID)
  2. Go to the "Action to Perform" drop down menu and select "Register for Additional Services"
  3. If you have not changed your password/pin before, the system will prompt you to change it next; then click "Continue." If you have already changed your password before this login, proceed to the next step below
  4. If you have not already entered your email into the system, go to the "Action to Perform" drop down menu and select "Change basic account information." Then, enter your email address (an email address is required for all automatic/recurring payments) and select "Continue"
  5. Go to the "Action to Perform" drop down menu and select "Set up or change automatic bank draft payments"
  6. Enter the information requested on this page and select "Continue"
  7. You will be brought back to the home page, and at the bottom, it will state "Automatic Payment - Yes" and "Automatic Payment Type - Checking" confirming the correct setup!

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